Setting up Eclipse Mars on Windows 10 for Android Development

In this video, I demonstrate how to install the Android SDK & Eclipse ADT Plugin in Eclipse Mars 2015 using Windows 10.

The following links can help you find the latest versions of the software needed.
Eclipse Downloads (latest version):
Java SE Runtime Environment Downloads (latest version):
Android SDK (latest version):

The following links will help you navigate directly to the files we’re using in this video.
Eclipse 64 bit Installer Download – Eclipse Mars:
Java SE Runtime Environment 8 64bit:
Android SDK Installer r24.3.4 (this video):
Android ADT Install instructions can be found here:

Common ADT / SDK installation problem – after installing the ADT Plugin, Eclipse shows it installed but doesn’t show any of the ADT options. Solution – eclipse must be run as administrator when installing new software. plugins installed while not run as admin will need to be uninstalled and reinstalled. Details about this issue can be found on here:

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