Welcome to the NDL.cc, a software project site and tech blog by William Tyler! With a fresh start in 2017, I intend to use this site as a repository to share various technology related posts and videos to help other developers and aspiring developers. Here are some possible & probable future topics based on the variety of things I work with:

  • Development/Coding – C#, MVC, Java, Javascript, JQuery, PHP, SQL, Android
  • Development Environments – Eclipse, Visual Studio, Android Studio
  • Database – MSSQL, MySQL, Sqlite
  • Cloud – Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure
  • Web – Apache, IIS, AWS, Google Analytics, SEO, Webmaster Tools
  • Systems – Apple, Linux & Windows
  • Content Management – Drupal & WordPress
  • Security

If you’re searching for the Cashflow, Widgetpad, or Masterkey apps that I sell through the Google and Amazon marketplaces, please check out the Products menu to visit the respective app website.